Background ‘info’ on Tony’s songs

1, BEAUTIFUL DAY  ….. This is a happy song about Tony’s dog going to the beach  ……Billy loves the ocean!

2,  JENNIE  …..  Tony got inspiration from a strange place for this track, Jennie was written because of an unreliable petrol powered generator (some folks call them a ‘Gennie’)….. Tony was working (in his mobile key-cutting wagon) in a small place called Campsea Ashe. He was using the generator for his power supply, but it just kept stuttering and stalling all through the day. This drove Tony nuts….he couldn’t cut keys for his customers …….so….. at the end of the frustrating day, Tony went home and wrote ‘Jennie’…. Jennie evolved into a break-up song but it was originally about a tatty old generator. An acoustic version of Jennie is available on itunes.

3, MAX REDWOOD …. Max Redwood is a character from Tony’s book, ‘Louise and the Laundrette Lady’, or ‘Louise and the Laundromat Lady’. This eccentric story is about a girl who meets some wacky characters who make race cars out of washing machine parts, and flying surfboards from old ironing boards. The story is told by Louise, a ten year old little girl. It starts off with her parents robbing a bank and being chased down to Brighton. In the story there is a robin (a small bird) with super powers, his name is Max Redwood, Max is the assistant to the wizard in Tony’s book. Tony has a burning desire to see his story become a Wes Anderson film. Max Redwood is available on itunes.

4, KELLYANN …… KellyAnn is a cool sexy mama from Tony’s book. She’s an Art Gallery Curator, who sells saxophones in a street market on the weekend. Tony got the inspiration to write ‘KellyAnn’ from a ‘real-life’ beautiful girl who was working in a nightclub.