1st Album (Whatever Makes You Happy)

Tony’s Debut Album “Whatever Makes You Happy ” Out Now! On itunes.
(You can listen to this album on Spotify)

1 Whatever Makes You Happy (Recorded in High Barnet) 3:46
2 Turn Me On (Recorded with Tony’s first band The Blue Raccoons) 3:15
3 Feel (Recorded with Tony’s second band Crazy River) 4:14
4 Hey Mama (Recorded in High Barnet just after Tony’s first band split) 3:42
5 One Life (Live It) 4:53 (Recorded with Tony’s first band The Blue Raccoons)
6 Crazy Little Dancer 2:37 (Recorded in Hackney)
7 Deeper 3:39 (Recorded at the fish factory)
8 Mother Natures Feelin Cursed 4:20 (Recorded in High Barnet)
9 Little Angel 3:26 (Recorded with Mike Oldfield’s son ….Luke)
10 Kelly Ann 3:25 (Recorded in Hackney)
11 Rock n Roll 3:29 (Recorded in High Barnet with Crazy River)
12 With You 3:37 (Recorded in High Barnet)