2nd Album (Bamboo Boogie)

Hi 🙂
My new album (Juke Box from the Bamboo Boogie Burger Bar)
has 12 Acoustic Songs and 5 Rock Songs.

I just want to say that… this new album is kind of old, many of these tracks are acoustic demo’s recorded from a while back. They pop up on my ipod from time to time, and I thought why not put them together and release them. Some of them are silly songs but, being an artist I have learned to just enjoy the journey and not judge myself, not every song becomes as big as California Dreamin or Hey Jude, but every artistic thing we do is important, it’s all part of the journey. The last five tracks are a little more produced.
See if you can listen to the last track (‘Bamboo’) and keep a straight face. ha-ha!
You can listen to this album on Spotify and buy it on Itunes.
Track 1, ‘Beautiful Pisces Woman’ (About lovely Jo)
Track 2, ‘Rise Above Gettin Sucked into Sinister Ways’ (Keep the news switched off)
Track 3, ‘Sweet Susannah’ (I made this up)
Track 4, ‘Jimmy’ (Song about a therapist I use to go and see)
Track 5, ‘Fire’ (Song about being confident)
Track 6, ‘Let’s Ride’ (Silly song)
Track 7, ‘Little Angel’ (Soft version)
Track 8, ‘Her Soul Soothing Mountain Movin Ways’ (I wrote this while living in a huge warehouse) It was freezing cold!
Track 9, ‘My Love’ (I recorded this song with a cool violinist called Phil, his electric violin has five strings…Groovy.)
Track 10, ‘Portobello Angel’ (This one is about a girl I fancied when I worked on Portobello Road…Misha).
Track 11, ‘Too Many Babies’ (This song might make it into the Guinness book of records one day… I say ‘Baby’ far too many times)
Track 12, Deeper (Instrumental version of my love song Deeper..thank you TALI TROW for your slide guitar and Mandolin skills)
Track 13, ‘Falling’ (This song was recorded with my first band… The Blue Raccoons… nice guys).
Track 14, ‘Brazil’…(Another Blue Raccoon track. This one gets quite passionate)
Track 15, ‘Jennie’… (This song came about because of a faulty petrol-powered generator that wouldn’t start, it drove me nuts!)
Track 16, ‘Max Redwood’… a character from Tony’s book ‘LOUISE BUTTERSKY'(coming soon). This is an uplifting track about a tweeting-super-hero-red-robin.
Track 17, ‘Bamboo’ (This silly song is bonkers to the bone, good medicine to help keep people smiling) 🙂

My fav song on this album is MAX REDWOOD.
Thanks for reading this …
See ya later 🙂
Tony x