Fun Facts About Tony

Fun-Facts about Tony Andrews
(All True)

Tony was pushed into a swimming pool when he was just two and a half years old,
He died for ten minutes, then he came back.

Tony was in a film called ‘The Fifth Element’

Tony is six foot, five inches tall.

Tony once swallowed a pound coin, it stayed in his body for three days.

Tony is a Scorpio.

Tony is related to a writer called Edgar Wallace (Creator of King Kong)

When Tony was eleven, he threw a cricket ball 56 meters.

When Tony was twelve he helped his school team win a national rugby sevens competition, they were the best team in England! Arriving back from Twickenham the deputy headmaster opened two bottles of champagne, and every player got a small glass of bubbly…We were 12! ha! The following morning one of the players puked all over his books. (What a lightweight)

When Tony was fifteen, he got hit by a car while riding his bike, he cracked a bone in his toe and spent 2 days in hospital. Tony loved BMX riding, skateboarding and long distance cycling, he went back to the hospital many times to get stitches in his bottom lip, a metal pin in his left toe, stitches in his right arm, stitches in his right knee, and five stitches in his chest.

Tony has a black Labrador called Billy.

Tony once had a West Highland terrier called Mac, he had a very adventurous character, he sometimes travelled on the tube by himself.

Tony taught himself how to play the harmonica while driving a skip lorry.

For ten years Tony worked inside a custom-made ice cream van, cutting keys and changing watch batteries.

Tony worked at Portobello Market and Wembley Stadium Market.

One of Tony’s regular customers was a Storm-trooper from the very first ‘Star-Wars’ film. She tried to turn Tony to the dark side of the force but Tony wasn’t interested. ha-ha 🙂