REVIEW FROM Music Earth Rise…  gig at the 12 bar club
Tony Andrews 12 Bar ClubTony Andrews delivers songs with simplistic lyrics and these lyrics are the vehicle for a relentless and awe inspiring voice which led to some awe inspiring songs and one hell of a performance straight from the gut.

Half way through the set I even saw a resemblance to Elvis! But Tony doesn’t shake you by twisting his hips but by the consistency of a unique and raw voice with a raw honesty driven by raging raw passion.

The more I stood and listened, the more I was rocketed into respect and applause. By the end of the set I was singing along to his tunes and I thought where did this come from?

A night of three completely different artists that blew me away with authenticity through their voices, songs and performance. Tony Andrews was like a crescendo and ended the night on a high….a strong finisher to a high calibre night of raw creative expression.

Keep music live and thumbs up to the 12 Bar Club.