LOUISE BUTTERSKY (Tony’s 1st Book)


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Louise Buttersky

This book is an eccentric fantasy adventure story.
It follows the ‘roller-coaster’ events of a young girl.
LOUISE BUTTERSKY  constantly finds herself facing yet another challenge to rise-up to. Everything goes into over-drive when she befriends a unique woman down in the county of Devon, her new friend, Betty is ever so pretty, she runs her own laundromat in a small peaceful seaside town (she also has a laundromat in west London). At first sight, Betty appears to be just a young zany sweetheart, a cool chick who loves to sing while she washes clothes, but Louise soon discovers that this colourful vixen hot mama is one powerful babe, she’s the daughter of a fine wizard, and it isn’t long before a great deal of peculiar disturbing facts unfold, right in front of Louise’s eyes.

Louise soon discovers, and quickly gets savvy to, the unpleasant existence of a messed-up whiskey drinking witch, a crazy fruitcake called Roaring Meg.
Louise and Betty do their utmost to stay one step ahead of this horrific mysterious freak.
Their adventures take them to strange places, and they soon end up attracting great support and cosmic strength from the most unexpected sources.
This book will leave you smiling, and have you laughing all along the way 🙂
Tony Andrews is a very determined Artist.
He believes whole-heartedly, that Louise Buttersky will end up becoming a cool FEEL-GOOD movie…. 🙂
This story is packed with unique characters, epic challenges, and solid friendships.
Say HI to Louise 🙂

While writing this book, Tony felt like he was already watching the
‘Louise Buttersky Movie’ in his head.

Tony has written and recorded a number of songs for the Louise Buttersky film 😎
His song ‘Turn me on’ is perfect for the crazy chase scene… when Betty and Louise shoot over the Atlantic Ocean with ROARING MEG hot on their heels 💨 ( MEG SURE IS ONE CRAZY OLD MAMA!)

Say Hello to Roaring Meg … (she wants to give you a big kiss .. HA-HA!) 😉

Here is the song (TURN ME ON) for that crazy chase scene ….. please have a listen..🎶🤓👍🏻

Max Redwood, is a little robin with superpowers. Look at his fine work below… he built a little robin Hotel in Italy, for when all his robin cousins come to visit 🙂

Halfway through the book Max pulls off a mighty under water stunt that would no doubt baffle David Blaine.
Tony has a song for this scene…
A track called ‘Max Redwood’
Please Listen just below….

Meet Kelly Ann
She’s a real sweetheart, she loves old people, and sells roller skates and saxophones in Camden Market.
Tony has a song for Kelly Ann too …
(She’s a Pisces, and she talks to ghosts all the time).

Plesase listen to Kelly Ann song just below

Tony has a cool idea for his song
“I’ll See Ya Later”

In chapter 19 there’s a crazy showdown in Camden Town. This is a very high energy scenario, where good battles evil, Tony would like to invite the two remaining Beatles ( Paul and Ringo ) to join forces with the three remaining Rolling Stones ( Mick , Keith and Ron ) to make a cool recording of this rock n roll song. This would be a lovely moment in history where two of the greatest bands ever come together to make rock n roll kick and breathe again 😎💥🎶🔥 oh yes! Please listen to the song ( just above )


THE FUZZ CATS (Tony has a song for the Fuzz Cats, it will be recorded soon)
The Fuzz Cats are four brothers who have a high voltage of electricity running through their bloodstream.

Here is an acoustic version of
Tony’s song …”THE FUZZ CATS”

BETTY…(Kelly Ann’s beautiful older sister)
A tenacious tom-boy-wonder-woman with a fiery heart full of soul. Betty runs a laundrette in west London. She’ll wash your socks faster than lightning ⚡️ 🤘🏻💨

LEON the vampire-wolfman (he looks scary, but he’s all heart under that tough exterior)

TIGERLIPS (Leon’s brother) a very cool cat.

You will also meet SONIC SASHA the secret wizard
….. He’s a tip-top cosmic legend, nobody has ever seen him, but you WILL meet him in the book/movie.
He is one cool Wizard…
(Tony wants Johnny Depp to play Sonic Sasha in the movie) or maybe Jack Black… his passion is fantastic 💥

Here is a silly song called
BAMBOO!!! ( now on iTunes)
If you’re having a difficult day and things feel too serious or stressful, then I suggest you listen to “BAMBOO” now!
I guarantee it will make you smile in the next ten seconds 😊👍🏻🎶💥

Written by Tony Andrews.

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Tony wants to bring good happy positive vibes to the world.
This is why he is absolutely determined to see Louise Buttersky become a COOL FEEL-GOOD MOVIE! 🎥💥😎👌🏻 Yeah Baby!!